Hello and Welcome to Kefir Kenya website – we talk about an ancient wonder drink that could rapidly transform your overall health and that of your family in a couple of weeks.

Did you know that for every one Cell in the human body there are 1.3 microbes? When you add the bacteria that reside in your gut you get a close estimate of 10 microbes for every cell in human body.

We could rightly say we are 10% Human and 90% Bacteria.

You may also note, that infections are caused by bacteria. Which then leads to two types of bacteria

Beneficial(good) Bacteria vs Bad Bacteria (pathogen)

The beneficial bacteria help in breaking down food compounds to easy to absorb nutrients. Good bacteria also reigns on bad bacteria that cause infections.  A healthy person should have 85% good bacteria and a maximum of 15% bad bacteria.

Some of the bad bacteria like E.Coli reside in the gut but when they move to urinary system they cause Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s).

Kefir is a potent drink filled with three score variety of good bacteria which help to keep the deadly bacteria at bay and also help in digestion.

Gut Health

Majority of bacterial Diseases get to the body through your digestive system.  One of the main avenues is a leaky gut.  When the small intestines are permeable they allow semi digested foods into the blood stream. Such foreign objects can easily cause recurrent infections and introduce allergens into the body.

When the gut is in good health, one can immensely minimize the number of  recurrent infections as well as keep at bay.. all lifestyle diseases.

Introducing Kefir Milk

Kefir Kenya - Kefir Milk Kenya
Whey (Water substance at the bottom) forming in a Kefir Preparation Jar when the milk has been fully cultured

The Origin of Kefir is traced among the Ossetes, a Persian ethnic group living in the mountains between Russia and Georgia. The Kefir Grains are said to have been introduced to them by the Mediterranean herding communities.

The ‘Kefir Grains’ were guarded jealously since it was believed that they would lose their strength if the grains were given away and the secret of how to use them were to be common knowledge. Kefir grains were regarded as part of the family’s and tribe’s wealth and they were passed on from generation to generation.- Yeemos

Kefir Kenya - Kefir Grains
Scientists have attempted to produce Kefir Grains in the Lab and have not succeeded to date..

Some herders in the Sinai mountains  bordering Egypt and Israel believe Kefir grains are a gift from God.. some even claiming it’s some of the Manna from heaven in the time of Moses that fell in milk.

The history of Kefir is that of Mystery, History and Legendary

Be as it may.. Kefir is good for our digestive system and it helps keep the balance of good bacteria..

Antibiotics Kill both Good and Bad Bacteria

Antibiotics are good in fighting pathogens causing diseases in our body but they are also like a mean discipline master who finds a certain class making noise.. instead of asking for the list of noise makers.. the discipline master decides to punish the entire class.. obedient and disobedient pupils alike.

Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria.. creating a homeostasis imbalance.

A potent drink like Kefir Kenya therefore introduces live probiotics to keep the gut in flora in check.

Kefir Kenya

Kefir Kenya - Kefir Milk in KenyaIn the foot hills of Lolldaiga Hills  20 km northwest of Nanyuki and Mount Kenya is the place to find the most potent Kefir Grains that have been grown with healthy A2 Milk from Jersey cows.

The Kefir Grains can be introduced to goat, cow, camel and sheep milk. You may use raw milk but for cow milk its highly recommended that you use boiled milk to avoid diseases like brucella.

Making Kefir Milk is a symbiotic process which essentially means you are feeding the bacteria with milk and the by product is a superfood that brings healing to our body.

With two teasponfuls of Kefir Grains you can start making your own Kefir Milk and restore your health and that of you family.

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