You know Kefir Milk is what you want.

So do you purchase Kefir Milk or do you make your own?

First off, as of this writing there is no way to sell Organic Kefir milk commercially in supermarket shelves.

Kefir milk sold in supermarkets abroad is less potent as its made by drying bacteria into powder. This means certain strains of bacteria stalks and subspecies will not survive the drying process.

Potent Kefir grains normally contain 35 to 80 bacteria varieties.. On drying the grains you only remain with 9 potent bacteria type. In this regard therefore, nothing compares to home made Kefir milk which has all the goodness of good bacteria, yeast and subspecies.

Method: How to Make Kefir Milk at Home

Below I’ll show you a list of equipment, ingredients and preparation method


  1. A glass jar
  2. A wooden stick – small mwiko
  3. A fine mesh plastic strainer – Kichungi
  4. A cooler or a basin with cold water

Ingredients for making Kefir Milk

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  1. 1-2 teaspoons active Milk Kefir Grains
  2. Boiled Cow milk or Raw goat milk or fresh packet milk [UHT is okay if you’ve no other source]. No ATM milk please.

Instructions for Making Kefir Milk

Kefir Milk in Kenya

  1. Transfer the active kefir grains into up to 4 cups of fresh milk.
  2. Cover the milk jar .
  3. Place in a cool spot, maximum 25°Celcius, to culture.
  4. Keep Stirring every 8 to 12 hours
  5. Culture until milk is slightly thickened and aroma is pleasant. This generally takes 24 to 36 hours,so keep an eye on your grains.
  6. After the milk changes texture and culturing is complete, separate the kefir grains from the finished kefir.
  7. Place the kefir grains in a new batch of milk.
  8. Store the finished kefir Milk in the refrigerator.

Insider Tips

  • Kenya’s tropical climate is not appropriate for Kefir Grains to thrive – it’s therefore recommended you always keep the grain or prepare the kefir milk in the lower part of the fridge or a dedicated cooler.
  • When you get your grain – keep changing the milk every 24 to 36 hours until your grain can grow to significant size
  • Never ever, add warm milk to the grains – always use fresh cool milk.
  • Sometimes it may not be practical to make kefir milk every other day. You can put the grains in dormant mode by putting them in a glass container, add a cup or two of fresh milk. seal the glass container tightly and put it on the lower part of the fridge (NOT freezer). – store for a maximum of 21 days.

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IMPORTANT: Avoid grains developed from Kefir kits, they are less potent than live grains passed from home to home over thousands of years.

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