Get the Best, most potent Kefir Grains in Kenya.

Kefir Grains Kenya

Our Highly Potent Kefir Grains, has over 50 strains of active bacteria, Yeast and Subspecies. Our Kefir Grains albeit grown in Kenya originated from a family in Malta (some 80KM south of Italy).

Its NOT based on kefir powder purchased in chainstores abroad.

When Kefir is processed commercially and sold in supermarkets only about 9 to 12 strains of bacteria, yeast and sub species remain. The best kefir grain for making Kefir drinks are the ones shared by a friendly neighbor. Moreover, the Grains ought to have been grown with NON-pasteurized milk.

We make our Kefir milk in LollDaiga hills 20Km Northwest of Nanyuki Town. We use the best A2 Milk for pasture fed Jersey cows. This guarantees that you get the best and Most potent Kefir grain ever.

We recommend growing Kefir grains in Dairy milk.

Using coconut and almond milk does NOT guarantee that all strains of bacteria will remain active.

We sell TWO Teaspoonfuls of Kefir Grains and the user can grow them by adding milk in the jar and changing it every 24 to 36 hours. In 5 days the Kefir grains will have grown and be able to break down half a liter of milk into Kefir milk in 24 to 36 hours.

Buy Kefir Grains in Kenya

Order your Kefir Grains that have fully adopted to Kenya’s Tropical climate

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Two Steps to the Best Kefir Milk

Once you get your share of Kefir Grains it’s very easy to plan how to Make Kefir Milk according to your needs

Step 1: Grow Your Kefir Grains

This is the most important step when you get your Kefir Grains. Remember the Kefir Grains are are nothing more than a colony of of good bacteria, yeast and subspecies.

You need to grow the Kefir Grain first.

This happens through a symbiotic relationship between the customer and the colony. The colony is fed with fresh milk. While it’s feeding on lactic acid in milk.. the colony breaks your milk into easily absorb-able nutrients.

The larger the colony.. the faster you can turn many liters of milk into Kefir milk in the shortest time possible.

from 10 grams (two teasponfuls) of Kefir Grain you can grow it to half a kilo in a month by frequently changing milk every 24 to 36 hours.

Step 2: Make Kefir Milk

To get the best Kefir milk, add your grown Kefir Grains colony to fresh milk and make sure to stir every EIGHT hours. Most Importantly keep the Kefir Grain + Milk content under low temperatures.

Most people Overwork the Kefir Grain by adding warm milk. Eventually the Kefir Grain die out and one has to start all over again.

It’s recommended to  use a cooler with temperatures between 6 and 18 degrees. That said, the results can be achieved  by putting the Kefir Grain milk preparation Jar in a cooler box.. then periodically add ice cubes or cooled water to keep temperature down.