Overeating is a problem facing our society in the recent years.

overeating solution
Image courtesy Christiana Acha

Most of the logical solutions have been to eat smaller portions and exercise more.

These solutions have not worked sustain-ably, depriving happiness off many individuals and families.

Using Exercises to burn calories and reducing calorie intake in smaller portions is a self defeating methodology that might resort to an overeating disorder.

Our ancestors ate till they were full, and there was no eating time table, one main meal and a few wild fruits were enough for the day. They would walk long distances without a backpack full of junk.

Why do People feel the Need to OverEat?

The reason why people overeat is because they eat foods lacking in nutrients..

For example when one eats junk food that have empty calories and almost no nutrients; Your brains sends a message of hunger when the junk moves from your stomach to your intestines..

The cycle develops such that, each time there is no sufficient nutrients you have to keep on binge eating..

Solution to Overeating

One of the greatest excuses to healthy eating.. is that it’s expensive.. but I will show you momentarily that it’s NOT

On a weekend you spend Kes. 200 ($2) to buy 2 liters of soda as you watch movies on a couch eating french fryz worth a 100 ($1) bob… total Kes. 300 ($3) spent on one individual..

Why not make a nutrition dense smoothie as you relax.

One of my favorite is Bone Broth Smoothie

1. Bone soup ice cubes (you can buy soup from your butcher or you can buy 1kg of bones and extract soup up to 5 times) put it on the freezer to make cubes or flakes..

costs 20 ($1) bob if you buy ready off your butchers kiosk. Kes. 100 ($1) for 1 kg bones and charcoal for 50 bob ($0.5).. where one can extract broth up to 5 liters…

2. Green Apple – sliced and cored (remove hard inner part with seeds) Kes. 30

3. One banana, peeled and sliced – Kes. 10

4. Half ripe avocado Kes. 20

5. 1 cup rinsed spinach – Kes. 10

6. Half cup water – free


Put your bone broth cubes + green apple slices + banana slices + spinach + avocado slices + water and BLEND it all..

TOTAL COST = 20+30+10+20+10 = Kes. 80 for a healthy and TASTY drink compared to your 2 liter soda worth 200 bob with a ton of empty calories..

Conclusion: for the employed, you work an entire week to make someone else rich, why not spare an hour to thank your body with nutrition dense food and drinks.


For those who enjoy the goodness of Kefir Grains in Milk.. the good bacteria introduced in your gut by Kefir drink will breakdown the bone broth smoothie into absorb-able nutrients that will benefit your body immensely.